In The Woods

The day has seemed to have passed me by without my knowledge or consent.  The humid air hangs still above me reminding me that the day was warm.  I can smell scorching fumes from the burning logs drifting through the trees in the wood. I remember last night, as I got closer, I heard the … Continue reading In The Woods

Peace by Piece

 A blogging event ‘Book Review Day’ This month I am reviewing a book called “Peace by Piece”. The editor of this book Victoria Villasenor runs a social enterprise called Global Words, which is a Literary Consultancy, who work with under-represented communities all over Nottinghamshire to get the stories that you don’t get to hear from … Continue reading Peace by Piece

Memoir Workshop

Nottingham Women’s Centre Memoir Writing Workshops: Over the next six weeks a writers group for women in Nottingham are willing to put pen to paper to share their unique stories. The Women will be sharing personal snapshots from moments in their lives. The pieces of work will contribute to a printed anthology, which will be … Continue reading Memoir Workshop

Notebook And Pen

‘Notebook & Pen’ is the Creative Writers group to which I belong. Recently we have been using our memory as a narrative, as a method for producing written pieces.  This has been a useful method for me.  I found that I could recall some fragments from my childhood. When I started to write them down, … Continue reading Notebook And Pen