New Photo Project

I recently took part in a history photography project called ‘Finding Samuel Morley’. This  took place at Backlit Gallery in Sneinton, Nottingham, which was once owned by Samuel Morley who used the gallery as premises for his textile hoisery factory in the Victorian 1800’s. Samuel Morley was a renowned philanthropist and gave money to fund … Continue reading New Photo Project

Unlocking The Past

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door.” This door belongs to ‘The House of The Flying Wheel’, the former manufacturing centre for Samuel Morley’s textile empire based in Nottingham during the 1800’s.  This is one of Samuel Morley’s original and most prominent textile manufacturing plants. The 19th Century name given to the … Continue reading Unlocking The Past

Finding The Past

This months photo blogging challenge theme is  ‘Anything goes’. I have had a very busy June.  I have been on a photography project based at Backlit Gallery, who are located in an inner city area called Sneinton in the City of Nottingham. There is something very special and unique about Backlit Gallery, because it is … Continue reading Finding The Past