Misty Morning

The theme for this month’s photo blogging challenge was ‘Morning’.  At the beginning of November we had some misty mornings here in the UK.  I took my five shots on my journey from home, to catch the early 8.30am train from Nottingham going to St Pancras station in London.  It’s not often I travel by … Continue reading Misty Morning

Autumn Close-up

Autumn redefines colour and transforms shapes, bringing lots of changes to our natural world.  I decided to capture some of these changes with my macro lens for the october, photo blogging challenge theme close-up. I wanted to make the most of the warm autumn days this month, as I guessed they’re also the last days of … Continue reading Autumn Close-up


This month’s photo blogging challenge theme: Happy I guess I’m just not one of life’s ‘happy bunnies’. I found this theme difficult, thats why my five are late this time. Happiness is hard to define for me. When I thought about what makes me happy I realised that for me happiness is the things I … Continue reading Happy

Nottingham’s Pride

This months photo blogging challenge theme is:  patriotic (n.) lit.  One who defends or is zealous for their country’s prosperity, freedom, or rights. I struggled with this theme, because I feel that patriotism is not always a good thing. In the past in Britain, when our people were fighting in world wars, they were considered as … Continue reading Nottingham’s Pride