Finding The Past

11 thoughts on “Finding The Past”

  1. Nice work on this month’s theme. These are some cool shots. Definitely looks like an interesting place, especially for photography. That last shot is cool too. The one part looks a little occupied.

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  2. I LOVE old buildings and photos like this. I want to see these over any other kind of photo hands down. I have done a tiny bit of urban exploring and really enjoyed capturing the beauty of decay. You took some stunning photos – I am so glad you chose this as your subject!

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    1. Thankyou Lisa, I have really enjoyed taking Urban photographs, this month has been full of opportunities for me. I am so grateful for them, as some where totally unplanned.


  3. What a cool project you worked on with the other photographers. Thanks for sharing a little bit of it with us. I am still hesitant about street/urban photography, so really appreciate every chance to study these types of photos. I love the way you snuck your name in so unobtrusively. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  4. Street photography is one of my favorite mediums. I really liked your shots for this month’s challenge. There’s always a sense of poignancy to shots where you can see when humans are down and out and that comes through loud and clear in your last collage of shots.

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