Spring Is Here

16 thoughts on “Spring Is Here”

  1. Your spring photos made me smile. spring is indeed a short opportunity for photography. The Clematis buds are so promising. We have dark purple flowers. In love and light Cheryle


  2. I like flower buds almost as much as I like the flowers. Just the anticipation of the beautiful blooms always makes me happy.
    We planted a bunch of sunflowers a few years ago. They’ve grown back every year, since we just let them stay where they fall. Such a drastic difference between an 8 ft. flower vs. the little one in the flower garden.


  3. These are wonderful photos! I love the budding clematis best of all. That is something I’d like to plant, but my yard is awfully heavy on shade. What’s a climbing vine that likes shade?


  4. These are all so beautiful. I haven’t had a garden in about two years – your pictures make me want to plant again! My favorite of yours is the first – a piece of spring. Lovely!


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