Friends And Family

9 thoughts on “Friends And Family”

  1. These are simply amazing. The hat took my breath away! And of COURSE the dog picture is number one in my book. :D. What a lovely tribute to your family!


  2. Thanks for the guided walk down your memory lane. I really connected with the photo of your dad’s tool box really since my dad’s had a workshop hobby his entire life and my husband’s dad a shop teacher. So we have a lot of tools – some new and some hand-me-down. Maybe someday our sons will cherish one of their dad’s tools the same way you cherish yours.

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  3. I love your take on the theme this month. Our pets have always been considered family and I’d never leave them out! The lighting in the pupper shot is very nice. I’m happy you have such wonderful memories. And the knitted poodle made me giggle!

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