Winter Photos

13 thoughts on “Winter Photos”

  1. Hi Clare! Taken together, I feel your photo set for February conveys a real sense of the park. I can almost imagine being there. The very selective use of colour – a touch of blue in the first image and a touch of red in the last one, is a great way to deliniate the beginning and end of the post. I can never pass a good snowman without pausing for a closer look, so I spent the most time studying your last photo. Not sure if you waited until all the people were walking away or if that was accidental, but I like the way it got me imagining what kind of antics that snowman might get up to once everyone’s gone inside!

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  2. Lovely mixture of photos! I do like the snowman. I haven’t done much in the way of isolating one colour and making the rest monochrome. Mostly, if I do that, it’s to isolate the subject from the background and it leaves more than one colour. Certainly looks dramatic!

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